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Cloud Hosting is the high performance solution for the most demanding projects; built on top quality hardware.

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More than Just Web Hosting

Unlike other hosting companies, OS Domains lets you use solid-state drives to host all types of data. This means you can host your blog on one domain, your friends static website on another, and your clients ecommerce site – all from the same hosting account. There are no restrictions with how you can use our SSD Cloud Hosting.

Speed advancements with a converged infrastructure

Running a large blog, e-commerce store, or custom application requires a lot of database input and output (I/O). As your site gets more popular and traffic starts to grow, your hard drives will start getting more and more concurrent I/O requests. During peak viewing times, the amount of I/O requests can slow down the recall of information from your database. This is especially true for sites on traditional "spinning media" disk drives. This is where our new SSD Cloud Hosting is superior. With a lack of moving parts, data transfer is only restricted by the speed of the network (which is why our Servers are already on blazingly fast 1Gbps networks). We've benchmarked our SSDs against mechanical hard disks and, as expected, SSDs massively out perform hard disk drives on I/O transfer.

Relax. Maximum security through redundant data storage.

Because SSDs are more efficient in how it handles read/write operations, SSDs are more capable of handing peak use times. SSDs are also more durable because they do not have moving parts so SSDs wear slower than HDDs. And each account have Backup option.

DDoS Mitigation

Combining a robust network backbone and industry-acclaimed traffic inspection solutions, OS Domains provides comprehensive protection against all application, network, and protocol-based DDoS attacks.


As always, We're available 24x7x365 to manage your firewalls. But for those who want more control and visibility over their environment's security, our Firewall Manager lets you manage your security in real-time via our customer portal.

Threat Management

The Threat Management™ system monitors your OS Domains environment, detecting external and internal threats. Working hard 24x7x365 to support you is more than our job.

You receive that unsolicited bulk messages. No More.

Spam has been a serious problem for both individuals and businesses, and affects your productivity and efficiency. The SpamAssassin Anti-spam solution gives you back the experience of a spam-free inbox.

DNS Blacklisting Service

Also known as DNSBL's or DNS Blacklists, are spam blocking lists that allow a Website administrator to block messages from specific systems that have a history of sending spam.

Restricted IP Addresses

You can configure your Web sites and FTP sites to grant or deny specific computers, groups of computers, or domains access to Web sites.

Account-level Filtering

Account and user level filters control how your incoming email is handled, helping to ensure that you receive more mail and less spam.

Extreme Support. If you need us, we are always here.

Extreme Support® Happens Anytime, Anywhere, and Any Way Imaginable at OS Domains. It's the no excuses, no exceptions, can-do way of thinking that our employees bring to work every day. Your complete satisfaction is our sole ambition. Anything less is unacceptable.

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OS Domains take our Service Level Agreement very seriously. We offer enterprise-grade security, 99.9% service level agreement and 24/7 phone support with typical hold times of less than 60 seconds.